Feb. 14th, 2015

edschweppe: (snowpocalypse)
It's a bright, sunny, cold morning here at Boskone - but blizzard warnings are in effect from tonight at 7PM through Monday at 7AM. This is going to be the second blizzard of the year, and at least the fourth major snowstorm of the season!

Thus sayeth the National Weather Service:

NWS blizzard warning )

The snow is expected to stop falling around 2PM tomorrow. However, the winds are going to remain absurdly high through Monday morning, which will cause all sorts of blowing and drifting problems - especially since this is going to be another fluffy, dry snow event on top of several feet of snow already on the ground. (I saw a graphic on the morning news that showed Boston and Worcester with more snow than Buffalo!)

The MBTA has already given up and cancelled all Sunday services. Considering how badly their equipment has fared so far this year, I'm not that surprised; OTOH, I have a bad feeling that the hotel staff will be shorthanded tomorrow. Despite that, I've extended my hotel reservations through Monday so I don't have to risk driving home under blizzard conditions; as long as there's power and Internet, I'll be okay.


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