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His speech at the Democratic National Convention, as compared to Mitt Romney's speech at the Republican one last week, that is.

It wasn't as smooth as President Clinton's speech the night before, and more details on future proposals would have been nice. He did call out some of the more egregious nonsense on the Republican side ("take two tax cuts and call me in the morning"). More importantly (IMNSHO), however, Obama's speech held a far more positive vision of America - and he pitched that speech to all sides of the political debate.

Best of all, nobody came out ranting at the furniture this time. (Seriously, Clint, WTF?)

In other political news, today was the Massachusetts state primary election. I voted, even though the races I cared about were uncontested. Most of the electorate didn't bother; in my precinct of roughly 2200(?) voters, only 174 ballots had been cast with an hour to go until the polls closed. The poll workers and I joked that there might be a wee bit of a difference come November.


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