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Season Three of Shadow Unit officially starts next Sunday, and one of the threads on the Shadow Unit message boards is, appropriately enough, the countdown until episode 3.01 The Unicorn Evils airs.

That thread, in turn, inspired the following filk:

We're waiting together
But still ECR
We're hoping they'll come back
From wherever they are

I hope there will be a Gulfstream
That's leaving ground (leaving ground)
Will things be all right for our team?
It's the S3 countdown

The S3 countdown

Oh we're ready to refresh (refresh)
And set to go "Awww"
When Wabbit in the flesh
Takes Coyote's paw

With so many stories untold
And eggs to be found (to be found)
Oh where is our next episode?
It's the S3 countdown

The S3 countdown (S3 countdown)

Oh ... oh

The S3 countdown (S3 countdown)

Oh ... oh

It's the S3 countdown

The S3 countdown (S3 countdown)

It's the S3 countdown
We're ready to refresh
The S3 countdown
Our next episode
It's the S3 countdown (S3 countdown)
Oh, it's the S3 countdown!

(Links in the filk are to pages in the Shadow Unit Wiki. Any who are woefully confused may find amelioration of such confusion therein.)

(ETA: In case it isn't obvious, the tune is Europe's The Final Countdown.)
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In honor of the season, and in particular honor of the highly-anticipated Very Special Holiday Episode of Shadow Unit, scheduled to be aired Christmas Day, I present to you a filk, to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

Cut because we care )
(Easter eggs? Would I do that?)


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