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Mar. 21st, 2017 12:49 pm
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I've been reading The Skimm for about a month now. It's a nice "first look" at the day's news, and it catches some things that I don't get in my Early Bird updates. If that's something that looks interesting to you, give it a try.

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This obituary article gives a good overview of his life (the ups and downs both) and his influence on modern popular music, which was immense.

I have to admit that my initial reaction to hearing about his death was, "I didn't realize he was still alive." I seem to have thought he was at least 10 years older than his actual age. And I was never more than a casual fan of his music, but nobody with any interest in popular music at all could fail to be aware of his influence. He made a difference.

Fly with the sparks, Mr. Berry. You will be missed.

My Hugo nominating ballot

Mar. 19th, 2017 01:28 am
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There's a post on File 770 where people are putting up their ballot entries, now that nominations are closed. I couldn't imagine that anyone would be that interested in mine, but then I got a personal request. Since I still feel odd about posting it over there but I know that person reads me here, this is my compromise.

- Summer in Orcus; T. Kingfisher (Ursula Vernon)
- Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen; Lois McMaster Bujold

- Every Heart a Doorway; Seanan McGuire
- The Raven and the Reindeer; T. Kingfisher (Ursula Vernon)

- Polyglossia; Tamara Vardomskaya; Gigantosaurus
- The Tomato Thief; Ursula Vernon; Apex Magazine

Short Story:
- .SUBROUTINE:ALL///END; Rachel Acks; Shimmerzine
- Razorback; Ursula Vernon; Apex
- The Jaws that Bite, the Claws that Catch; Seanan McGuire; Lightspeed
- The Evaluators; N. K. Jemisin; Wired
- Seasons of Glass and Iron; Amal El-Mohtar; Uncanny

Related Work:
- Making Conversation; Teresa Nielsen Hayden
- The Geek Feminist Revolution; Kameron Hurley
- Archive Of Our Own; fan-run fanfiction site; archiveofourown.org
- Lady Business; discussion/recommendation blog; ladybusiness.dreamwidth.org
- The Fifty Year Mission: The First Twenty-Five Years & The Next
Twenty-Five Years (1 work in 2 volumes); Mark A. Altman & Edward

Graphic Story:
- Monstress Vol. 1; Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda
- Ms. Marvel Vol. 5; G. Willow Wilson

Dramatic Long:
- Arrival; Paramount
- Hidden Figures; 20th Century Fox
- Ghostbusters; Columbia Studios
- Rogue One; Walt Disney Studios
- Zootopia; Walt Disney Studios

Pro Artist:
- Julie Dillon
- Adam Tredowski
- Aaron Lovett
- Stephan Martiniere
- Sung Choi

- Galactic Journey (galacticjourney.org)

- Emberverse; S. M. Stirling; Prince of Outcasts
- October Daye; Seanan McGuire; Once Broken Faith
- Tales of the Raksura; Martha Wells; The Edge of Worlds
- Vorkosigan Saga; Lois McMaster Bujold; Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen
- Young Wizards; Diane Duane; Games Wizards Play

There were a bunch of categories that I didn't feel knowledgeable enough to nominate in and didn't have time to research. I wouldn't have had anything for Pro Artist if Rocket Stack Rank hadn't set up a display site of eligible artists that I could scan thru easily and then narrow down from my rough cut. Also, a shout-out to JJ from File 770 for putting up a post collating all the eligible series she could find, from which (again) it was fairly easy to pick my top favorites.

You may notice that only one of the eligible books from my favorite series made my Best Novel list. That's because in many cases, the latest book in a series may not stand out as particularly awesome without having the series background in your head. I think Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen does work well as a stand-alone story specifically because of its exploration of the dynamics of making choices, which is a universal theme. Conversely, Prince of Outcasts, while it's a ripping good story, is also an incomplete one -- it ends on a cliffhanger, which IMO disqualifies it for Best Novel consideration. The other three entries fall into "you really have to have read the whole thing to appreciate them properly" territory.

So now it's just a matter of seeing whether any of my entries make it to the final ballot.


Mar. 17th, 2017 02:41 pm
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Thanks to everyone who let us know that Photobucket images were not loading properly on some pages. The problem seemed to be mostly limited to HTTPS requests; Dreamwidth maintains a list of known high-traffic image sites that support HTTPS, so that our secure content proxy service doesn't cache them unnecessarily. Unfortunately Photobucket seems to have recently changed their site configuration such that HTTPS requests aren't being served as expected, and we've now taken it out of our list of "proxy-exempt" sites.

If you continue to have issues, make sure you're not using HTTPS Photobucket links. It's a bit counterintuitive, but if you use HTTP instead, it will be automatically transformed on our end to an HTTPS link that uses p.dreamwidth.org.

Hope that clears everything up for now! Let us know if it doesn't...

Catullus 64

Mar. 16th, 2017 12:03 pm
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Catullus's 64th poem (as the collection comes to us) is what we call an epyllion: a miniature epic, in which poets of his period showed off their ability to handle the epic style and epic topics, without running to the bloated and tedious length that those had become associated with over time. That still makes it his longest extant poem (and likely his longest ever): 408 lines. It's written in a lofty style he didn't usually deploy, a lofty meter, and on a lofty topic: the marriage of Peleus, one of the heroes that sailed in search of the golden fleece, and Thetis, a nymph prophesied to give birth to a son greater than his father. For which reason Zeus, who was terribly interested in her (because Zeus), married her to a mortal instead.

The prophesied son is Achilles, the greatest--and in some senses, last--of the heroes in that Age of Heroes. He's a pretty popular topic for poetry, art, and so forth. I mean, the whole damn Iliad is about him, in a sense: it begins with Achilles being angry and sullen, and ends with the funeral of Hector, pretty much the next-best hero, whom Achilles killed.

In Catullus's telling of the marriage of this man's parents, Achilles gets about a quarter of the poem. Half of it is given over to describing the bedspread on the marriage bed/couch, which shows Ariadne, abandoned by Theseus on an island after she helped him against the minotaur. Because what's more epic than dramatic ekphrasis, right? What's left of the poem is about Peleus, Thetis, and their wedding day.

So, with that introduction given! This is my translation of the poem. I've gone for a very literal translation, where possible--most of my digressions from the literal involve adjusting the syntax or moving an adjective around or swapping something between adjective/gerundive/active verb, so that it doesn't become wildly awkward in English--and I've resisted the urge to footnote.

Assume the usual warnings for anything written in the classical canon.

Long poem is long )


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